More on transmedia activism

Paul Hawken's book about the "movement of movements" of activism to create change, Blessed Unrest, has been influential in the field of social justice-- and in my thinking on systemic change and local solutions-building; networks and linkages; and emergent vs. direct strategies.

Now Hawken is spearheading a film about the individuals involved in the movements described in the book. This is
transmedia activism in action: The film is being produced through a purely participatory model and created entirely on the film’s website, where the film's production team will allow users to generate, edit and "select" the content that will eventually be synthesized into one central narrative. To fit completely into the transmedia activism model, the film would be distributed across multiple platforms-- though the distribution strategy for the film is still unclear.

(Thanks to Sameer Padania, director of The Hub, WITNESS, for our discussion about Hawken's project. The Hub is another brilliant example of how transmedia activism can work to raise awareness and inspire action.)

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