3 Generations: The Power of Storytelling in Social Change

Three Generations helps survivors of genocide and crimes against humanity tell their stories, and provides an avenue for the world to hear them. The organization is built on the principle that storytelling transforms lives. As Jane Wells, the organization's Founder, says in a blog post for The Hub on WITNESS, "[s]tories remain with us long after conflicts and wars have ended, not just as evidence, but also by giving a human dimension to the often unimaginable."

Three Generations relaunched its website last week in conjunction with April's Genocide Prevention Month activities, creating a beautiful and simple storytelling platform that honors the victims and survivors of atrocities. Particularly noteworthy is that the organization, while curating and editing its content for aesthetic and technical value, endeavors to take away other filters and allow the storytellers to recount their experiences "without agenda, as they would like to tell them." This makes the content that much more compelling. Three Generations' video shorts, stills and text together provide a strong example of how storytelling can be effective (and rapid) in translating the "unimaginable" to audiences-- and how spare and evocative content can draw viewers directly into another's world (and engage them into deeper change efforts).

(Note: Three Generations is a client.)

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