Transmedia Activism site has launched

The website for transmedia activism is now launched and open-sources the basic framework to be strategic and proactive in the use of media to create social impact. The framework encourages addressing social change first when using actionable content (essentially flipping the model of media first, outreach second), for collaboration on issue identification and storytelling between activists and content producers, and for embedding transmedia strategy from the start of a campaign.

Before creating a campaign, three foundational areas must be explored:

A. Social Change- what are you trying to change?
B. Storytelling- what is the narrative thread?
C. Resources- what do you have?

In setting up a campaign, these areas are explored and used as the basis for a plan:

A. Audience Segmentation- who are you engaging?
B. Resources- what do you need?
C. Story Universe Strategy- how do you define the story?
D. Content Strategy- how will you craft and distribute content?
E. Partners and Stakeholders- who will participate?
F. Engagement- how do you engage toward change?

With thanks to Vicki Callahan for all her help in creating the site, taking stewardship of the model and disseminating the framework.

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