Looking ahead to 2011: Projects, people, organizations and companies to watch

Looking ahead to 2011, I've been thinking about the people, projects, organizations and companies I've worked or connected with this past year. There is amazing work going on around the world that is effective, game-changing and necessary, and I'm feeling privileged and grateful to be a part of at least some of it. There are a number interesting projects in various sectors that I will be keeping on my radar to see their continued growth and impact. Explore (by clicking on each name for its link):

These organizations and projects creatively and effectively use culture, narrative and media to seed movements
3 Generations
Who is Dayani Cristal?
The Line Campaign
Artist as Citizen
Aspen Institute Global Initiative on Culture and Society

The following are rich networks and initiatives that create spaces for collaboration, knowledge or online action:
Business Innovation Factory

These will be gamechangers in transmedia, media distribution and social networking
Kleiner Perkins sFund
Seize the Media
Power to the Pixel
CrowdCentric/Social Media Week

These organizations dedicate themselves to working with vulnerable populations dealing with intractable problems, by leveraging and enhancing local solutions
Global Grassroots
Mandala House
Princess Umul Hatiyya Foundation
Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
Eastern Congo Initiative
Villages in Action

Interesting innovations in diplomacy, peacebuilding and development, respectively
Independent Diplomat
Peace Dividend Trust
UNICEF Innovation

And a special nod to some exciting original work by
Hybrid Realities Institute: A new institute dedicated research around the effects of technology on the individual in the context of Society, Business and Politics.
Business Model Generation: A simple, elegant methodology for business model innovation.

Finally, here are a few that I don't really know about yet, but am excited to learn more about:
Ethnos Project:
Institute for Culture in the Service of Community Sustainability: (no website yet: Project of Demos
Akshay Trust

The list is extensive, but it takes many more than I've cited to join in together and get the work done. As we mature and progress in all the fields and sectors under the umbrella of "social change," I hope to see more cross-sector collaborations based on knowledgeable deep-dives that are context-specific and culturally-appropriate, and leverage global innovations and local solutions. As for me, I will continue to work in strategy, planning, culture and transmedia--to advocate for projects in which culture is a foundational element of community transformation and resilience, through projects, writing and collaboration.

(Note that I currently work or have worked with a number of these listed above. I hope that doesn't count as bias, but as more intimate knowledge. Please send me an email, however, if you want more details.)

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