3 Generations is building a global vision on the end of atrocity

Since the Holocaust and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, civil society has promised "never again" -- and still genocide and appalling atrocities have continued into the 21st century. We don't have a collective vision for how to build a world free from atrocity. And if we don't have a vision of a better future can we really create one? We need one. The End of Atrocity is a project from 3 Generations that is beginning to create a collective vision.

To launch, 3 Generations has filmed 14 world luminaries who are on the front lines of advocacy and asked for their individual visions. Visit the site to see the videos and share the work of creating a global collective vision for a world without atrocity.
The release schedule for the videos is:

April 14:
Peter Gabriel: Co-Founder, WITNESS and The Elders
Carolyn Forche: Poet and Professor, Georgetown University

April 15:
Alex Stark: Consultant and Teacher
Rachel Lloyd: Founder and President, GEMS
Scilla Elworthy: Founder, Peace Direct

April 18:
James Smith: Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Aegis Trust
Freddy Mutanguha: Director, Kigali Memorial Centre

April 19:
Stephen Smith: Executive Director, USC Shoah Foundation
Brian Steidle: Frmr Captain, USMC; Consultant, Humanitarian Affairs and International Development
Jerry Fowler: Open Society Policy Foundation

April 20:
Ann Curry: Journalist, NBC
Kathy Freston: Author + Host, Oprah Winfrey Network

April 21:
John Prendergast: Co-Founder, Enough
Luis Moreno Ocampo: Prosecutor, International Criminal Court

April 22:
Manifesto: The beginning of our vision on ending atrocity.

How you can participate:

* Watch the stories at the website.
* Help share these visions: Send them to your friends via email. Share on Facebook. Post to Twitter: "3 Generations is Building a Vision for a World Without Atrocity: http://3generations.org/vision.aspx #genprev"
* Share your own vision: What does a world without atrocity look like to you? Send comments on
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