2012-2013: Thank You

AP/Kevin Frayer
This photo was taken at India Gate in New Delhi, India, during peaceful protests brought on by the  December 2012 gang rape (and subsequent death) of the woman alternately called Damini, Amanat, or Nirbhaya by the media. The woman in the photo was protesting peacefully and walking through water cannons being fired by police to quell the protest. I hope this image represents an anger and movement that will carry until lasting change is made in India. It also represents a spirit I see rising up throughout the world. This has in many ways been a year filled with unimaginable tragedy and what has hit me with the most force is the violence and brutality we've seen against ordinary people who were stopped in the midst of simply living their lives. But the hope we have is that never before have we had such such ability to connect worldwide to help each other. What this image represents to me is how I feel about the world in 2012 moving into 2013, with ordinary people continuing to raise their voices against injustice around the world. Thank you to each of you for the work you do in ensuring we move forward.  I hope your New Year is full of joy, kindness, beauty, wild fun, and good works.

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